Urban Solar Ready housing developments...just started in Dallas

We happened to be in south Dallas yesterday. That was a rare occasion and I wanted to maximize my time down there. Before heading back to Plano, we drove around Oak Cliff to search two home development sites I had been wanted to check out since last fall. There was also a recent Dallas Morning News article about this development a few days ago and I thought we might be able to see a couple of model homes we could walk around...

Well, instead of model homes, we found bare sites. We saw a few lots with some foundation works. It looked like it would be a while before we could walk into finished houses.

I have no plan to move out of Plano anytime soon. However, houses being build around us are still big and none are solar ready. These houses are designed to be in urban setting and supposed to be super energy efficient. They are not only solar ready but also come with Solar City supplied solar PV system on their roof tops. I hope these developments to success and we would have more solar ready houses being built in North Texas!