People with conviction - solar PV ban

Andy Jacobson/Dallas Morning News staff photographer
People with conviction are tough. 

They strongly believe what they believe not because others have taught them, but because they have studied, explored, examined and came to the conclusion on their own. 

Once they get there, they no longer seek approval from others. In fact, they get fired up when faced with unreasonable oppositions and defend their belief with the facts they have dug up.

In a recent Dallas Morning News article titled "Texas law lets developers ban solar panels while subdivisions are growing", a solar advocate assembled cases against builders and developers even though the current law was on their side. He believed the law was an unjust loophole. An antiquated initial responses he received from a powerful builder and a HOA fueled his determination to put the things straight. He was unfazed by some voices of caution - mine included. He pushed it through. The article went out. It received loud responses, mostly supportive. He gave convincing rebuttals with references to the negative comments...and the article is spreading with more support.

A hat tip, or rather a bow, to people with strong convictions. They are the ones who disrupt and start changing the society.