Traveling with AirBnB

We woke up to a view of snow covered mountain and hundreds of windmills in Desert Hot Springs last two mornings. We are moving to LA temporality (a year+?) and this is the last leg of our trip. The house we stayed here is a contemporary beauty, something you would see in an architecture magazine.

Three neat houses we stayed en route from Dallas - Albuquerque, Flagstaff (Grand Canyon), and here near Palm Springs - I found on AirBnB. I started using their services nearly three years ago as I saw values in sharing economy concept. It has been giving us unique opportunities to peek in how locals live, meet interesting people and hear their stories.

It's not for everyone - it takes some efforts to communicate and make arrangements. It's not for every time - not recommended for short term business travel. It's not always wonderful - while I was hosting, I had two horrible guests. But, luckily they were super minority.

Our daughter started using them a year ago. Last fall she used AirBnB in Dublin for one night as she arrived there a day before her dorm room opened for her study abroad program. She became very good friend with the family, stayed in touch with them throughout the semester, was invited to their family Christmas gatherings and had a great time. Experiences like that would not happen when staying at regular hotels.

Desert Hot Springs is only two hours away from LA. We will come back to the contemporary house to do The Annenberg House tour at Sunnylands over one weekend. We look forward to visiting the house and having chats with the host.