SoCal turf removal rebate - When will Texas start?

One of the yards in the neighborhood is getting a makeover - from water thirsty turf to drought tolerant plant and rock garden. 

I've heard California utilities are giving rebates for the conversion. "Rebates are available for $2.00 or more per square foot of turf removed."

I believe Las Vegas has been offering similar rebates for a while. Although drought condition in Texas is not currently severe, this is something we should start offering before we face water crisis. It is probably one of the most cost effective long term solution to reduce potable water waste. 

Yes, we need to water around foundation of houses because of our clay soil in North Texas. Drip irrigation can take care of that. There is no need to water entire yard for green - sometimes brown - turf. Actually these xeriscaping with succulents and rocks are really pretty, I think anyway.