Slimming down an energy hog

My house is one of the guinea pigs in Dallas-Fort Worth area for electricity usage monitoring study by Pecan Street. They just released a new mobile app called "Pumpkin Pie".

According to this app, we use roughly half of electricity compared to similar houses in our area. It gives more details such as the usage data in kWh and $ per breaker. I would like to dig into that when I have more time.

During the past 12 months, we used roughly kWh8,650 (kWh720/m) and paid $860 ($72/m). For a regular spec house (2 story, 3000 sf) built by a production builder (read - built to be an energy hogger), it is good.

We did some cheap DIY energy efficiency updates using stuffs from Home Depot and Lowes several years ago. Nothing fancy. Most likely we have recouped the cost over one summer.