Kei Nishikori, one man one name

Mike Groll/AP- From NPR website
I am Japanese and I like tennis. So, naturally I am elated Kei Nishikori is advancing to US Open final. Coached by Michael Chang, another great Asian player, he is the first Asian man to reach that level.

I've read somewhere that his parents wanted Kei to be a citizen of the world, and named him “Kei” which is easy to pronounce and can be used globally.

That resonates with my own wish and thinking for my children. I knew I wanted to give “one” name to my child that he/she could use anywhere and anytime as it is. No switching back and forth between say American name and Japanese name. No changing from childhood name to adult name. No confusion for which nickname to use and what real name is...One name that represents who he/she is no matter what.

Kei seems very comfortable in his own skin. His confidence radiates. I am sure that comes from knowing what he wants and more importantly knowing who he is. I am so looking forward to watching how he plays and carries himself through the grand final on coming Monday.