Solar PV on my roof

I came home and found solar PV panels on my roof! I was not fully expecting the installer, Axium Solar, to be back today because Plano Balloon Festival limited the access to our neighborhood.

They are beautiful. I am excited. Once all the wiring is done and the final permit is issued, these panels should start producing and cover roughly 65% of our current annual electricity consumption.

I am all in to promote renewable/clean energy and energy efficiency.

Although my system is small (4.25 kW DC), I feel great to personally contribute to distributed sustainable energy production.

Through "Solarize Plano Project", so far we have helped about 40 households, including mine, in Plano to install solar PV systems at discount.

I am also helping to organize DFW Solar Tour coming on October 4th. And being the first solar house in our neighborhood, I am hoping to inspire others to follow. I know, before long, solar and other renewable energy will become norm.