Group discount on a massive scale

More than 100,000 people will have opportunities to buy or lease solar PV system at discount.

Beautiful collaboration effort between WWF and Geostellar that could benefit employees of four large corporations (and everybody else until the end of the year. Just use the code "solarmojo".) According to Geostellar, the average base cost of a system is $3 per watt - which is good. I hope many, especially those who are in areas with high electricity rates, would find this attractive and sign up.

The story in New York Times is here and simpler explanation in CleanTechnica is here.

Having helped Solarize Plano, I know group purchase works. It gives you leverage to attract cheaper and better purchase options. It also helps you to learn from your trustworthy community members. As we are starting to hear stories about a few “bad apple” installers even in our area, it pays to ask around.

Words of caution…
Before getting a new solar system, better to find out how much electricity you use, and take simple and cheap measures to reduce your consumption. You may be surprised to find out you will need much smaller system that will cost less. 

Above screenshot shows Geostellar estimates we use 1,641kWh per average month. We actually use half of that. They are correct though. During the first 12 months after we moved in, we used just about the same as they estimated. Since then we reduced our consumption by half. Our 4.25kW system, instead of 9.14kW they estimated, was enough to cover 65% of our usage and costed far far less.