Koki is doing alright with buddies in NY...and onto ?

A shoutout to Koki and all his buddies - EXP the Band - working on "I'm Making a Boy Band" project.

College students in NY, three Asian girls, are making a Kpop boy band from scratch. I really like these guys' inclusive nature...Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and ethnically diverse Americans are working together. Now they are collaborating with Taiwanese designer to promote.

According to their Kickstarter campaign, "The name of EXP came from “experiment”, to emphasize the importance of innovation, risk taking and challenges." True to that spirit, despite earlier controversy and setbacks, they are forging ahead, together.


Like what they are doing? 

Then support their Kickstarter campaign for making a mini album (http://kck.st/1cWcx21). Only 2 days left.

Or download their first single, Luv / Wrong (http://apple.co/1T1ovbC).