"Negative Carbon Road Trip" dropped by NTREG meeting

This funky looking car belongs to Brian Kent.

Brian and his Nissan LEAF are taking a "Negative Carbon Road Trip" across and around The United States.

You see, driving across the US with Tesla is non issue thanks to its >250 mile range and the Supercharger Network.

But doing that with other EVs currently on the market, such as Brian's LEAF, is another story. Driving ranges of most of those EVs are still little over 80 miles.

Here in Texas, 80 miles does not get you very far. Between Dallas and Austin is roughly 200 miles. From Dallas to New Mexico border is roughly 430 miles even when the shortest driving distance is taken. (I don't recommend that route, but that's another story.)

Back to Brian and his LEAF. Despite the headwinds, they had driven to 33 states so far and stopped by NTREG (North Texas Renewable Energy Group) monthly meeting this Saturday.

As I still drive a gas car, 2005 Lexus, I'm keenly aware that I am spewing exhaust into the air each mile I drive. Until I can get the zero, or close to zero, carbon transportation, I will try to drive the least distance/time while letting me do what I want/need to do...

Striking the balance while making a small step forward each and every day.