Programs for the North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG)

For the next two years, I am a co-program manager for the North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG). That means I'm in charge of bringing speakers to our monthly meetings as well as setting up field trips and hands-on projects.

A few examples of what we do:
Speaker: Our March speaker is the Passive House Specialist.
Field trip: Last October, we toured Oncor's Microgrid Facility in Lancaster.
Hands-on project: We are planning to build "portable mini solar charger w/battery system" for around $120 per system.

We promote renewable energy, clean transportation, energy/water efficiency and various clean technologies. If you know someone you could recommend to be our future speakers, please PM me.

Please note, we are a "serious" non-profit as we like to call ourselves. We stay away from "in your face" product/service promotions as well as political activities. In addition, if we see a proposal may not be a good fit to our mission (scroll down to Our Mission), we may/will decline.

Joining our monthly meetings and discussion group are open to the public. Please see NTREG discussion group (again, scroll down) for details .