183 EVs at Grapevine Mills Mall today (Sep 9, Sat 10am - 12pm)

183 Electric Vehicles of 20 different models - will be at Grapevine Mills Malls today between 10am to noon.

Proud owners of these EVs volunteer to bring their vehicles, share their EV stories, answer questions, and may let you test drive!

I drive Prius C - hybrid, not an EV, because it is one of the most fuel efficient, reasonably priced, dependable car that let me have the mobility I want / need in Dallas area.

But, I've been looking for more options for clean energy vehicle for sometime. 

As more automakers will bring EVs into the market in coming years, we want to learn more about then. Learning from the current owners, at the event like tomorrow's, is one of the best opportunity to do so.

Hope many of you can join!