Electricity Transformation - part 6


Being efficient (= not wasteful) is smart. It means getting more for less. Everyone likes that except the ones benefit from wasteful behaviors. Strong political and public influence from those powerful who benefit have made it difficult for many to see the obvious until now. Well, the time has come. We can see the facts and don’t get fooled anymore.
To make building twice or more efficient, we need aggressive policies and tighter codes for all new build and major renovations. Much higher HVAC and lighting standards will be needed, as well. Industry professionals are ready to put their skills and knowledge to use in order to meet and exceed higher standards. For residential small projects, DIY easy low cost upgrades need to be encouraged with improved kits and materials.
We can overcome initial cost issues for larger upgrades with attractive and transparent financing program like PACE.
As we already have technologies needed for build environment energy efficiency to reduce 1 billion KWh, with right policies and financing, future we want to have will be in our hands.

June 7, 2013