GDT knows how to throw a party.

GDT's holiday party - titled "Giddy Up" - was awesome. I used to think office parties were somewhat stuffy get-together. Not this one.

People were dressed up/down everything from cowboy hat and boots, sparkly dress to regular sweat suit.

But, they were ALL talking and laughing together! Some in groups and others to each other. No wall flowers to be seen. What a energy and vibe!

No wonder this is the company voted for one of the top places to work for in DFW in multiple years. A guy was telling me how unconventional his interview with the head of the company was three years ago, and how much he loved working here.
Western band and dance troupe with a breakdancer jazzed up 5~600 people. Some challenged mechanical bull and punching bag machine.

Big screens played several video skits employees created - all mocking, edgy and hilarious. Instead of raising eyebrows, everyone broke into laugh and applauded - a proof of positively great corporate culture. Hats off.