Advanced Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage - Speech by Dr. H. Frank Gibbard, Ph.D.

I have been waiting for this coming Saturday, the 12th.

NTREG (North Texas Renewable Energy Group) will host an incredible speaker, a battery and energy storage expert, Dr. H. Frank Gibbard, Ph.D., at our November meeting.

Ever since becoming a co-program manager of NTREG, I've been dreaming to have energy storage experts at our program. I was super thrilled that Dr. Gibbard had agreed to speak for us. 

Our meetings are free and open to public. Bring your family and friends and join us this coming Saturday morning.

Date: Saturday, November 12, 2016
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

Location: Midway Hills Christian Church, 11001 Midway Road, Dallas, Texas. (Map)
Our meetings are held in the Fellowship Hall, which is accessible through the church main entry, or from doors in the rear.
Details: NTREG Events


North Texas Renewable Energy Group
November 12, 2016
Advanced Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage”
Presented by:
H. Frank Gibbard, CEO
Devens, MA
In the past few years the demand for large-scale energy storage has increased for several applications, including renewables integration, ancillary services, arbitrage, grid asset optimization and T&D deferral.

Although several mechanical systems, such as flywheels, pumped hydro and compressed air, have been demonstrated for specific ranges of power and energy, battery systems offer the widest range of applications for energy storage.

Since traditional batteries such as lead acid, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride fail to meet the demands for cost, lifetime, reliability, efficiency or environmental suitability, advanced battery systems have been proposed, developed and demonstrated for large-scale energy storage. These include lithium ion, sodium metal and flow batteries, as well as several new systems which either are limited to niche markets or are an early stage of development.

This presentation will describe the advantages and limitations of several of the principal contenders for large-scale commercialization, with emphasis on redox flow batteries as the most likely to achieve demanding requirements for lifetime and cost.


CEO, CTO & Co-Founder

Dr. Frank Gibbard is a seasoned executive in the field of electrochemical power systems. He has managed battery and fuel cell activities at levels of responsibility ranging from senior scientist to Vice President R&D and as the Chief Executive Officer of two publicly-owned NASDAQ companies — H Power Corp, an early-stage PEM fuel cell company (now Plug Power Inc.); and Altairnano, a lithium ion battery company.

Frank holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is an internationally recognized leader in energy storage and power generation. His technical experience includes directing and carrying out work on primary and rechargeable batteries, including the following: lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, alkaline manganese oxide; alkaline zinc air; high-rate and reserve lithium thionyl chloride; lithium sulfur dioxide; lead acid; flowing-electrolyte redox; zinc bromine; high-temperature molten salt rechargeables; and thermal primaries.

As CEO of H Power Corp., a proton-exchange membrane fuel cell company, Frank grew the company from 17 employees to more than 200 and led its IPO to raise more than $100 million in public equity capital. He has published and presented more than 100 technical papers in journals, conference proceedings, and battery handbooks.



Fourth, Fireworks, NASA, and Google

Today is Fourth of July.

I stepped out the door, walked multiple yards, lay flat on the grass, and watched huge fireworks right above my head. 

Walked back up and saw NASA's Juno successfully entered Jupiter's orbit after traveling 5 years from the earth.

Then, saw Google changed its doodle to this!

They all made me smile. I feel so lucky to be alive here and now. 
















DiCaprio speaks out for climate change action at Oscar

"Be who you are and say what you believe (feel), because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Suess

Congrats DiCaprio for the Oscar. Thank you for speaking out for us all.


Programs for the North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG)

For the next two years, I am a co-program manager for the North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG). That means I'm in charge of bringing speakers to our monthly meetings as well as setting up field trips and hands-on projects.

A few examples of what we do:
Speaker: Our March speaker is the Passive House Specialist.
Field trip: Last October, we toured Oncor's Microgrid Facility in Lancaster.
Hands-on project: We are planning to build "portable mini solar charger w/battery system" for around $120 per system.

We promote renewable energy, clean transportation, energy/water efficiency and various clean technologies. If you know someone you could recommend to be our future speakers, please PM me.

Please note, we are a "serious" non-profit as we like to call ourselves. We stay away from "in your face" product/service promotions as well as political activities. In addition, if we see a proposal may not be a good fit to our mission (scroll down to Our Mission), we may/will decline.

Joining our monthly meetings and discussion group are open to the public. Please see NTREG discussion group (again, scroll down) for details .


"Negative Carbon Road Trip" dropped by NTREG meeting

This funky looking car belongs to Brian Kent.

Brian and his Nissan LEAF are taking a "Negative Carbon Road Trip" across and around The United States.

You see, driving across the US with Tesla is non issue thanks to its >250 mile range and the Supercharger Network.

But doing that with other EVs currently on the market, such as Brian's LEAF, is another story. Driving ranges of most of those EVs are still little over 80 miles.

Here in Texas, 80 miles does not get you very far. Between Dallas and Austin is roughly 200 miles. From Dallas to New Mexico border is roughly 430 miles even when the shortest driving distance is taken. (I don't recommend that route, but that's another story.)

Back to Brian and his LEAF. Despite the headwinds, they had driven to 33 states so far and stopped by NTREG (North Texas Renewable Energy Group) monthly meeting this Saturday.

As I still drive a gas car, 2005 Lexus, I'm keenly aware that I am spewing exhaust into the air each mile I drive. Until I can get the zero, or close to zero, carbon transportation, I will try to drive the least distance/time while letting me do what I want/need to do...

Striking the balance while making a small step forward each and every day.


Plano gets "Go Ape!" zipline and treetop obstacle courses

"Go Ape" Zip Line is coming to Plano!!!

I've been wanted to go to Costa Rica and do the zip line over the beautiful forest there someday, but this one will do for now.

The best part? I can walk to it from my home :)

It's in the Oak Point Nature Reserve, along the creek, a bit off the paved trail which circles around the pond(or lake?).

When I first heard about it, I thought "Oh, that's cute. It got to be a short zip line for little kids..."
Boy, was I underestimating Plano Park & Rec's dedication to provide over the top (pun intended) outdoor activities for us residents.

Not only it has four or five zip lines (and at least one zips across the creek), but also quite many over the canopy obstacle courses. My daughter and I agreed that this was something our family would love to do together. It would be even more beautiful once all the trees bud out and the canopy turns green!

If you don't live nearby, don't fret. Just drive to Oak Point Nature and Retreat Center at 5901 Los Rios Blvd, Plano, TX 75074. There are plenty parking spots there. And the Retreat Center is a cool place to chill. "Go Ape" is just a short walk from there.

To guarantee the spot for "Go Ape", you might want to reserve here. Enjoy your inner "Ape"!!!


「YOU ARE THE BEST」を数えながら泳ぐ




クリスマスの頃、娘に朝4時半に起きて、朝泳ごうと思ってるって話したら、「マミー、それって、9時か10時には寝るってことよ〜!」って、呆れ返っていた。"She rolled her eyes!" 娘は私のことをよく知っている。(苦笑)


娘がキンダーの時に作ってくれたプラスティックビーズのネックレス。ド派手なピンクやパープルやらのは外して「YOU ARE THE BEST」と21個のビーズを繋いだのを、いつもプールに持って行っている。


泳いで身体は軽くなり、「You are the best!」と子供に応援されてるようで、元気も出てくるというもの。




午前中は撮影があるとかで、息子が忙しかったので、会社の人に勧めてもらったWhitney Museumに行ってみた。


展示された中で目を引いたのは、どう見ても3D Printerで作られたと思えるこの作品。私の好みではないけれど、どうやって作ったのかなで興味をそそられた。






という訳で一人だったので、泊まっていた所から近くて、気になっていた40thにあるNew York Public Libraryに足を運んでみた。DCのLibrary of Congressも意外な驚きがあったから、もしかしたらここもとワクワクしながら。







コーネル大学が建設中の、初の高層住宅パッシブハウス(passive house)

Cornell Tech's Residential Highrise
Passive House on Roosevelt Island


行き先は、マンハッタンとクイーンズの間にあるルーズベルトアイランド。ここに、コーネル大学のコーネルテックが、高層のパッシブハウス(Passive House)を建設中だ。